Beautiful girls, both. And willing to experiment. The results aren’t necessarily perfect but there is imagination here, there is spark, and if this is any indication, there’s much to look forward to in Kristen Stewart’s collaboration with Balenciaga. LOVE the tank he’s put her in on top but I’m just not sure this particular styling isn’t better suited to a premiere rather than a gala. That said, I wonder if this is just the beginning of a gradual rollout over the next month or so. Stewart is about to make her Cannes debut. And hit the carpet circuit in support of Snow White And The Huntsman. It may be a case of not wanting to blow their load. I just... wish maybe it fit better. The leather is thick, not crocodile to mold to her body. You can see it from the side view - it looks heavier than she is, and therefore makes her look boxier than she is. Would the skirt have benefited too from being just one inch shorter? No more, just one.

Carey’s Prada also has that same boxy feel to it. Those panels certainly don’t lend themselves to flexibility. All that light bouncing around reminds of medieval armour. But, like Stewart’s, you want to keep looking, it’s keeping you interested, and it’s not like every other little 22 year old Camilla Belle Why Is-ing her way up the stairs.

Besides, can you actually resist Carey’s irrepressible glow?

Look at her!

That’s gold plated couture happiness! And with Marcus too!