Last night, at the premiere of Suffragette, Carey Mulligan revealed the details about her baby that people were clamouring to know. (Some people. I had forgotten if we’re being honest.)

The baby is a girl, she was born three weeks ago, and her name? Well, she says that she ‘just came up with it on the fly’….

The baby’s name is Evelyn. Lovely, right? Very British, as far as I’m concerned (the first Evelyn I ever knew, who must be 75 by now, was British), and appropriate as the daughter of a Marcus and a Carey, but you know, well in use right now. 

On the heels of Keira Knightley’s daughter Edie, which is also in popular use already, I think I’m going to call it – celebrities are no longer out in front of name trends the way they used to be. They’re just participating in them. This is a particularly hard swallow for me because I always think great names come from Britain, but for now, they’re not coming from the Brit indie It girls. 

*Caveat Emptor – this does not apply to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Those two are going to Celebrity-Name the hell out of that baby. I can’t wait.