The UK tabloids reported it a couple of weeks ago and now Us Weekly is hopping on for the ride, quoting a friend of the two confirming that they are indeed engaged. Carey Mulligan is 26. Marcus Mumford is 24. They’ve been together 5 months.


I’ve no idea.

She keeps is steadily low profile, as you know. They both do. And I find it hard to believe that their friends would engage in this kind of tabloid talky-ness. That their friends would even know what a tabloid is. That their friends would even be aware of any printed materials other than poetry books and, like, old scrolls. Is that redundant? Is a scroll old anyway?

Whatever. Let’s roll this one out. Let’s believe they are indeed engaged. That, in continuing with my original comparison - click here for a refresher - Carey is Carly Simon to Marcus’s James Taylor? Ish, obviously. Carey is the same age Carly was when she married James. And Marcus is the same age James was when he married Carly. I promise I didn’t plan that.

They keep telling me that this generation of British artists, that they’re not like their predecessors, that they don’t drink and carouse, that they won’t worship a hard life, that they feel harder and love more intensely...


Because they played guitar and not Playstation?

I don’t know if I buy this. If the rock star has changed, does that mean the groupie has too?

What I’m saying is that one is an actor and the other is a musician and, if the statistics are to be believed, we’ll be hearing about it in all the dramatic and angsty songs.

Attached - Marcus Mumford with some fans at an afterparty in England in May and Carey signing autographs at Comic-Con, I don’t see a ring.

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