Carey Mulligan (with Zoe Kazan) attended the Junior Spring Benefit for Lincoln Centre Institute in New York last night. She is currently performing off-Broadway in Through a Glass Darkly. For a few months now, Carey has been dating Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons.

According to the UK Sun and you need to pack an eyeroll along with you here while reading this story, the two have known each other for a long time because they were pen pals when they were kids, corresponding with each other through their churches. Apparently they reconnected after they realised they were both famous, and then fell in love.

I used to have a pen pal. For about a year. You know what’s sad about that? I can’t remember her name, what country, nothing. And I don’t think I saved any of it either. High school happened. And other priorities. And I wish someone from my future could have told me then to take better care of those things.

If this story is true, and again, please consider the source, it’s super cute, non? Been a long time since I received a letter. Like a real letter. Or written one. Richard Burton used to write Elizabeth Taylor the most passionate and angry and intense letters. But that was the time for it, wasn’t it? There wasn’t any other way to communicate. Would I consider it cheesy now? I’d like to say I wouldn’t. I’d like to think I’d find it romantic. But at the same time, certain gestures now, they seem not to have modernised.

Like, back in the day, a dude would bust out in sonnet while rowing your boat, and you were supposed to swoon. Now? I’m not getting in the water with a poetry-reciting boat-rower, you know what I mean? Take me to a movie and don’t talk, that’s more my steeze.

Attached – Marcus Mumford performing with Mumford & Sons at Bonnaroo this weekend.

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