The hashtag #squadgoals often appears in wanderlust Instagram captions about a power posse, but it’s best paired with the two new Suffragette trailers. Carey! Meryl! The HBC! They're the HBICs fighting for a vote for women in the film – I’m all in.

"We break windows, we burn things," Carey's character Maud says in the trailer. "Because war is the only thing men listen to."

Don't you want to see how Carey's meek laundress evolves into a badass Furiosa-type, who commits light arson, and slams a man's hand with a hot iron when he tries to assault her?

Or see Meryl Streep give Eva Peron-esque speeches about female empowerment?

Or hear the HBC say "I consider myself as more of a soldier"?

The wait won't be long... October is coming. Oh, and a haunting cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" plays in the American trailer. Perfect.

I first wrote about the film back in April, with focus on how screenwriter Abi Morgan crafted the script for her two muses, Carey (Shame) and Meryl (The Iron Lady). The film's directed by a woman, too - Sarah Gavron. I also speculated about Suffragette's possible appearance on the Cannes Film Festival roster, but we now know it will open the London Film Festival in October instead. It's always a good move to debut in front of your strongest audience.

The trailers come at a perfect time for Carey. She's up for a Tony this weekend, for her work in Skylight. Lainey's seeing it soon. I'm jealous, and am seeing Jesse Eisenberg's new play a week later (I know, I know). But with the Tonys on Sunday comes a bevy of sightings, gossip (Carey and Marcus! Carey and Jakey at an after-party! Carey and presenter Amanda Seyfried?) and fashion posts on Monday. What better promotion is there for Suffragette than to have some news about the film (and fresh clips) to peg to these roundup articles?

Though Carey's not a favourite to win in her category, she's still a LaineyGossip favourite. More accurately, she's Lainey's favouite. It's hard not to fall in love with her. Terry Gross showed this on Tuesday on NPR's Fresh Air. Carey was talking about why she's selective with her roles, nude scenes and why the Shame shower moment with Fassy felt perfect for her character, to which Terry fangirled:

"Now I have to say, I loved hearing you speak." Then she giggled. Carey articulating herself made Terry giggle.

Same here.

Watch both trailers below:



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