Like I just said, are you ready to bury it?

Here’s Carey Mulligan in great spirits with Ryan Gosling yesterday on the set of Drive in LA. No, no, no, stop, no, this doesn’t mean they’re f-cking, or that they want to f-ck, or that they will f-ck soon. Stop projecting yourself onto the photos. It just means he is, as always, a pleasure to be around at work. Very collaborative. Sometimes overthinks it, but truly, always, engaged.

You know how these young actors are. They get off on, like, delving into the depth of their art and sh-t. Which I guess, when they get too method, is how they end up dating each other.

Having said that, I’m told that the vibe between Carey and Ryan is more like siblings. He was, for instance, much more sizzly with Emma Stone on his last movie. And of course Carey and Shia LaBeouf are still super intense.

Onscreen however, even just through pictures, these two look good, hot, chemistry. I want to see.

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