Goddamn they are cute. Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf attended the Cannes premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps on Friday night. It was also my first time inside a gala screening as a guest. I walked the famed red steps – les marches – at the same time as George Lucas and Martin Scorsese. They were adored by fans and photographers. I was nudged along by security and scolded for loitering. But my seat was in the same row just across the aisle from the cast. So while Carey and Shia were careful not to pose together on the carpet, once inside the doors, they immediately clasped hands off camera and sat together during the movie. At the end when the house lights went up, the closed circuit feed went straight to the actors and Oliver Stone. Shia then clapped for Carey, as she giggled, then approached the camera and encouraged the crowd to clap for her too.

They’re so young. It’s probably the first major serious lifechanging relationship of their lives. So of course it’s like a movie montage. Cut to the afterparty at the Chateau de Fayeres – took me a while to realise they were behind me at the bar because, well, there were three Grey Goose cocktails to choose from and I had to sample all three first. La Poire can be very distracting. Am always partial to the ones with La Poire. Then I heard her laughing. It was Carey jumping up and down, speaking animatedly to an older gentleman while Shia was engaged in separate conversation one foot away from her. They were inseparable all night. Halfway into my second Grey Goose cocktail, Shia had taken off his tux jacket and Carey was wearing it with no shoes on and they were sitting by the pool in a large group and she had her feet tucked close to her and she was massaging her toes. Later on, after hitting up the food tent, I noticed that she was still in the same seat only he was standing beside her, rubbing her back and leaning down for kisses. She’s great to look at in person by the way. Such an interesting face with such interesting features.

Suddenly it was the end of the night and they made the rounds together saying goodbye to people, holding hands the entire time. She actually skipped along with him as they crossed the courtyard. And as they walked up the stairs to leave, he knelt down and put her shoes back on her feet. We were in a French chateau, the stars were out, and there they are at the top of a stone staircase and he’s putting on her shoe. Jesus Christ it’s so f-cking cute I can’t stand it. So cute, so in love, and very, very happy. Those two can’t stop smiling around each other. Which was surprising to me about him. Because he presents so morose and yet when I saw him, every time with the exception of the press conference, he was engaging, and loose, and relaxed, and very, very appealing. Also loud. But not loud in an Emile Hirsch way. Having now observed them both, Emile really is a poor imitation.

Shia is better looking in person than on camera. Looks really great in a suit. But mostly looks really great with her. They are the true life manifestation of the “get in the water” scene in The Notebook. Every time two lovers ride their bikes or run and splash in the ocean or eat icecream and get it all over their faces in a movie, what they’re trying to capture is this stage in young love, what Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf seem to have right now. Because right now, as it always does at the beginning, it looks perfect.

Here they are at the photo call and the premiere, acting all professional, and then photographed off duty, caught in a private moment. I wish I could feel badly about these photos but they’re so adorable, and I like them so much, I don’t. Sorry.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com and VALERY HACHE/Dave Hogan/Sean Gallup/Pascal Le Segretain/Gettyimages.com and Famepictures.com and INF
and PacificCoastNews.com and Grey Goose