I suppose that’s what we can call it for now. After all, no one knows if they’re dating, or not, only that they seem to be running household errands a lot together and seen often at the Best Western in Los Angeles she now calls home. They were errand-ing again yesterday.

It’s now been a month since Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf came to an end. Doesn’t seem very long. And while it’s certainly not hard to avoid each other, at the same time we are coming up on a time of year when the industry is out to be seen. What if they both end up at the Globes? It’s certainly not impossible. The Hollywood Foreign Press may be kinder to Never Let Me Go than their American counterparts. And it’s not like they haven’t made crazy decisions before. There are also a number of reasons why Shia could be a presenter. Like Transformers 3, due for release in May. Last year Cher and Christina Aguilera turned up together at the Globes for Burlesque promotion, and that movie is only coming out now! I’m just saying it’s not impossible. And there’s nothing better than an ex clash on a red carpet. Remember Cammie, Pippy, and Shelfy?

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