An Education opens wide this Friday October 23rd and when you see it, please do see it, you will fall in love with Carey Mulligan, just like everyone else has. She is a revelation. And she at the top of each critic’s list for a nomination for Best Actress this year. In her first leading feature.

This is Carey today with co-star Dominic Cooper who is getting increasingly smarmier and Nick Hornby who wrote the screenplay promoting the film in London. And she’s stylish too, non? Thank you for not trying to look like everyone else. LOVE HER PANTS.

Last night Carey appeared on Letterman, poised, charming, delightful, and natural. She’s adorable. And the new #1 on my list of girlcrushes.

As for what’s happening with Shia LaBeouf these days, after that public spat in New York, there’s been no word and if that’s a deliberate decision on her part, it’s a very good one. This is a critical time in the career of an emerging talent. And if she’s the girl who can push away a boy’s bullsh-t and keep her eyes on the prize, I admire her even more.

Finally, thank to those of you who’ve been sending along this video – Carey’s shoot for Elle UK. Have you seen it?


Click here to watch the clip.

An Education trailer is below

Note from Jacek. I don't love Carey. First off, I think she looks like an alien. Second, I pointed out to Lainey that she’s wearing a ripped sweater. She says it’s intentional. I understand ripped jeans.  But is this for real? Are kids wearing ripped collars now?

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