Before the party, there’s the vote.

This is Carey Mulligan in London on the set of the new film Suffragette, in which she plays Maude, “a foot soldier of the early feminist movement". Well, I guess it’s not a rom-com. Then again, rom-coms aren’t exactly Carey’s jam. Meryl Streep has a part in the film too – as Emmeline Pankhurst. So here’s a film that’ll pass the Bechdel Test. And you know what that means – no one’s going to see it!

Less than a hundred years ago, women were not allowed to vote. And, perhaps worse, some of the most vocal activists were forced underground to escape persecution by the assholes who were trying to silence them. Women can vote now…but the question remains: are women being fairly represented? It’s a story worth telling. It’s a story worth seeing. And with Meryl, Carey, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne-Marie Duff all starring, that’s just a really great bonus.