I loved her with Shia, but I think I might love her even more for how she’s handling their breakup. It’s the opposite of Porny Jessica Simpson. It’s dignified and stoic and sassy with some f-ck you strategically sprinkled in just to make sure we know she can handle this sh-t, yeah she can. By reconnecting with friends, fuelling rumours she’s dating Tom Sturridge, by beaming in the company of the irresistible Ryan Gosling – seen here on set with him on Friday looking happily comfortable in his arms, although it’s a little little sister-y – and in New York this weekend with yet another male companion enjoying the sights.

I don’t have time to miss you. I’m too busy having a life.

Well played.

She didn’t beg when he called it off, having supposedly pre-warned her that he’d only be into it for the duration of their professional attachment. That’s what some over there are saying caused the split, and while she was surprised, taken off guard, it wasn’t like she took her time leaving anyway. There’s also talk that she supposedly recently changed her email and her number, and tellingly informed everyone BUT him. I could see that, non? That he’d be the type to call in the middle of the night and f-ck around with your head? And not in a John Mayer way either. It’s just... Shia really, truly, can’t figure it out.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and CelebrityJuicer/Splashnewsonline.com