But look how YOUNG she looks! So innocent!

Here they are, Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, arriving at the Palais for The Great Gatsby to open the Cannes Film Festival. I gasped when I saw her. Am attaching the few photos that are available now, and I’ll add more to the post as they’re released.

Don’t love this dress. But I’m not sure it matters because it’s the way she’s wearing her hair that’s the big focus. We haven’t seen her hair down in a while. For weeks she’s been wearing it pinned up and back and almost severe. I love the difference it makes when it’s down. I love that it’s almost an entirely different person. She’s an ingénue at the ball. She’s the fresh new secret you’ve been waiting for, even though you’ve already known about it for days. She’s barely 18 years old. Especially in that shot of her holding the umbrella. Breathtaking. I am obsessed with her. And I suspect, right now, as she’s looking through these, Duana must be too. Carey is one of her favourites. In her mind, only second to Julia Roberts. Without all the drama that comes with Julia Roberts.