Speaking of Carey Mulligan, according to current scheduling, and that can always change but let’s hope not, her 3D Daisy will go up against Anne Hathaway’s 2D Fantine as both The Great Gatsby and Les Miserables are expected to open in December. (See previous Anne Hathaway post for reference.)

What will Carey look like in 3D?

Well if it’s anything like she looked last night on the carpet at the London Film Critics’ Circle Awards...it will be exquisite. When Carey smiles, it fills up a room with happiness. God I love looking at her. And I love what she’s wearing so f-cking much, I almost can’t stand it. Everything. From the shoulder pads to Roland Mouret dress (which Victoria Beckham will totally rip off in two years) to the blue suede pumps, it’s so her and so fresh and so light...and it makes her look long which is a conversation you all seemed really into during the liveblog earlier this week: celebrity heights.

Most actresses are little. Small littlethings. And they always lie about their height. Carey Mulligan however is not short. A solid 5 ft 7.