I wrote a couple of weeks ago, click here for a refresher, that we were expecting Carey Mulligan’s wedding. And it happened on Saturday at a farmhouse in England. Marcus Mumford is her husband now.

It rained, as it does over there, that day so - according to Us Weekly - Carey wore pink wellies with her Prada gown. SO cute, right? The bridesmaids, and there were several of them, apparently wore Prada too, in blue. This surprises me. I didn’t think she’d be such a “blue bridesmaid” kind of girl. Or the kind of girl who cared about having dresses for her bridesmaids at all. Wedding behaviour is fascinating.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Colin Firth were there. Also Jamie Dornan because I just saw a photo of him arriving. Dornan, who is SO gorgeous but SO dull, is Keira Knightley’s ex-boyfriend. Keira and Carey are supposed to be tight. Not sure if Keira was invited but I’ve not seen her name on any of the reports about the event. Oh and Sienna Miller. Am assuming that Sienna would have come with her baby father Tom Sturridge? Remember when Carey and Tom were inseparable following her split from Shia LaBeouf? I really love this members’ club. How does it work?

As for Prada, Carey has long had a relationship with Miuccia (she wore Prada to the Oscars when she was nominated in 2010) and, as previously mentioned, is co-chairing the Met Gala on May 7th - best event EVER - with her in New York so it’s no surprise that this is how she chose her dress. She and Marcus then have two weeks to honeymoon. After that it’s time to walk up those steps. For their debut as a married couple? I really don’t think it’s her style. But then again sometimes, the joy of love takes over.