These are photos of Carey Mulligan shooting Drive with Ryan Gosling in a diner the other day. She was also shot by the paps this weekend (those photos are exclusive and very expensive) leaving her new temporary home in Los Angeles, a Best Western. And not in a swanky part of town. And it’s not like she can’t afford to stay somewhere more upscale. It’s just... not what she’s into right now. Fresh off a breakup – I’m afraid it’s undeniable now – and with every intention of going home to London when she’s completed her work (can you blame her?), Carey doesn’t want to live among celebrities, prefers not to stare at “LA Face” all day long.

Right now she prefers to hang out with Tom Sturridge. They’re on the cover of the Daily Mail in the UK today, although that particularly publication doesn’t seem to know who he is. They couldn’t identify him. But it’s him, walking behind her, prompting speculation something’s up. I certainly hope so, sure. But this crowd, the young Brits, they all seem to know each other, overlap circles together, and Andrew Garfield isn’t the only friend they have in common.

Some say Carey cut all that off when she was with Shia. And that she’s been reconnecting now that she’s not. As for Shia, I hear he’s already seeing someone else. Has been spending a lot of time with a girl (civilian), excessive amounts of inseparable time, took her out for dinner at a well known place for papping on Saturday night, though ironically enough the photographers were dispatched elsewhere, and some people think it’s because he wants to make Carey jealous. Oh Shia, what are you playing at?

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