It’s really too bad more people don’t feel this way.

Carey Mulligan was in New York this morning still promoting Inside Llewyn Davis. Matt Lauer reminded her of when she once said that she’d rather go nude than sing on camera. She was super cute about it. And those dimples came out. Watch the video below. I love her. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. And she looks glorious with the warm brown hair against her skin. Someone needs to write a poem about it, it’s so lovely.

Carey was also on Kelly & Michael today. I watched it while I was in makeup – she wore the same outfit. Many of them change between shows. Carey wasn’t bothering with changes. F-ck, neither would I. In this weather especially. But I wonder, going forward, if the changing thing becomes the move of the mocktress, and how we differentiate between them and actresses.

{Video no longer available}