Vulture reported last Friday that Carey Mulligan is now at the top of the list to play Daisy in The Great Gatsby. Sigh of relief, right? Especially since just a week ago, Blake Lively’s chances were very, very good.

What happened?

Well, she tried to act.

And breasts can’t act.

My source tells me that Lively, Mulligan, Scarlett Johansson, and Rebecca Hall all screentested with Leonardo DiCaprio last week. Two were called back.


Carey and Rebecca.

And I’m told Carey’s scene with Leo was amazing.

This doesn’t mean Blake is out of it. I mean, she does have those connections. But it sounds like Carey did a great job. It sounds like Carey could be lining up another one. Why can’t they all break up this beautifully?

And isn’t this encouraging? That a great body can’t overcome the mumbling? That a good director needs more?

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