Look, Mumford’s never been my jam. They’re good, I know. But I don’t go to them on repeat on a road trip or anything. If they come on because I’ve hit shuffle, fine. I never rush to the car and make up an excuse to drive somewhere just to listen to them. Is that OK? 

You know what I do love about Mumford & Sons though?

I love that Marcus Mumford married Carey Mulligan.

Because I really, really, REALLY love Carey Mulligan SO MUCH.

Here’s Carey in a perfect tuxedo last night at the Grammys. Remember when he hugged her and it was a nice, long, truly heartfelt embrace? Remember her smiling dimples? Remember how adorable they looked when she was sitting on his lap at MusiCares on Friday?

It wasn’t a widely circulated photo; I’ve attached below.

So cute, so cute, SO CUTE!