Carey Mulligan was named Best Actress last night at the British Independent Film Awards in London for Never Let Me Go. Carey looks great in the face – SO pretty – but I’m not into this dress. It’s like an apron. And also the black shoes. Not feeling those either. As for The Great Gatsby, Carey talked to the BBC about beating out so many others for the role of Daisy and gave some more detail about when production is to begin:

“I'm still in shock. It was the most surreal night of my life when I found out that I'd got it. I'd auditioned twice and waited for a fortnight, and called my agent every two hours for two weeks - he almost sacked me. It was a huge huge shock and I can't believe I'm going to be working with the people I'm going to be working with. I have a copy of it by my bed that I'm obsessively reading. I can't wait, but I don't think it's happening until summer so it's a long time."

As for this other fellow whose photos I’ve attached – I came across him when I was sorting through photos from this event. He is well respected English actor. I don’t mean any disrespect. But... his name is Benedict Cumberbatch.

Benedict Cumberbatch.

Which has to be the most up-your-ass-name in the world. Now you know me. I am a total Anglophile. I worship England. But this, this is the kind of name they make fun of England for. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Or maybe I’m just biased because I hated him so much in Atonement. You remember him from Atonement? He played that well bred perv who let Robbie (James McAvoy) take the fall for molesting that girl. Then he ended up marrying her. Bastard.

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