I loved this tuxedo cape when Victoria Beckham sent it down the runway at New York Fashion week in February. Click here to see her Fall/Winter 2013 collection. At the time, I called it the most interesting piece. And it’s even better on my beloved Carey Mulligan with pants. It’s so refreshing how spare she is with the makeup. Also, you don’t realise it but Carey is quite tall. Look at her next to Kate Hudson, who isn’t short and who isn’t wearing flats either.

Here’s Carey at the Tiffany & Co event with Baz Luhrmann who, as you know, directed her in The Great Gatsby. He says her Daisy audition was every superlative you can think of. And then called her last year at the Met Gala, when she was seated next to his wife Catherine Martin, to tell her she had the part. Martin, by the way, styled the film, and the window displays right now at the Tiffany Fifth Avenue store have been inspired by Gatsby aesthetic, designed in collaboration with Martin and Luhrmann. I’ve attached some shots of that below.

Am more excited than I thought I would be for this film, especially after the last trailer. Click here for a refresher. In fact, I might even endure the 3D glasses for it.