This is Carey Mulligan in Beverly Hills last Thursday. This weekend she was spotted in New York, shopping at the Bowery Whole Foods with some friends. The friends had a baby. Carey, as she is in these photos, was also wearing a very loose fitting maxi dress, described to me as more of a “giant caftan”. She seemed rather attached to the child and her friends referred to her as “Mommy Carey”. Cute nickname. Maybe she babysits a lot?


As you know, Carey and Marcus Mumford were recently married. She mentioned that she and Marcus have freed up all of January, no work. That makes sense since by then she should be finished with most of her promotional duties for The Great Gatsby. But my sources tell me she’s been trying to move things around in her schedule the early part of the new year. That would also be around the time she’d be due... IF she’s expecting right now. IF. Will keep you posted. But I’d love to see Carey work award season the way Natalie Portman did two years ago. 

(Thanks Leah!)