Kanye West spoke to Vanity Fair a couple of weeks ago about his new collection and one of the best quotes to come out of that conversation was:

“Sweatshirts are f-cking important.”

I totally agree, not joking. Sweatshirts for style is real. And it’s freedom, OK? It’s freedom! I’m thinking Carey Mulligan wouldn’t argue that point either because check her out at the opening of the BFI London Film Festival today alongside Meryl Streep and the Suffragette team. That’s a fashion sweatshirt. And it’s a gorgeous outfit. Am obsessed with it.

Am also obsessed with what she did this summer. But it’s a tricky subject because, well, the last we heard from Carey, it was around the time of the Tony Awards and she was pregnant. Click here for a refresher. There was never any confirmation. And now she’s back at work, no fuss, all business, to promote her film, and no one knows sh-t. It can be done.