Written by Sasha*

When Lainey comes to Toronto she usually flings a few fashion questions my way. The latest one was during TIFF. She bbm’d me: “I’m wearing a dress that’s see-through, can I wear it to work?” To which I responded “you’re a slut so go for it”. ‘Slut’ in her world is a good thing I guess, because she wore it. (Lainey: It was a demure silk black dress, asshole, and I was worried about the studio light!)

So when I got this email today asking what pants she should get for fall I was a) glad she was looking for something not transparent and b) thrilled to tell her I just got a pair of bomb-ass cargos that I love so much!

Actually, I want to come clean. I want to start this post off with honesty. The other part of Lainey’s question, which is not included here, is that she asked if she could buy acid washed jeans. I’ve already shamed her about this and I’m not afraid to make you feel bad if you’re thinking that this trend is okay for you to do. Unless you are a model with bone thin legs, a die hard indie rocker or a crack ass like Amy Winehouse, you cannot do that. Got it. Good.

(Lainey: f-ck you bitch I hate you.)

So back to the cargos. We’ve seen them on a wack load of stars lately and the ones most are working are the J Brand Houlihans. Every celebrity’s got a pair because, well, they’re getting them for free and they are the sh-t. Now, months later, as usual, is the trend filtering to the real people?

I can’t wear J brands in general. I wish I could but I just can’t. I think because I have sporty (that’s how I refer to them because it makes me feel better about myself) calves. So, the brand I have are Hudson, but Fidelity or Paige makes a great pair too. They are so so so flattering, trust me. You can wear them tight but they also look just as good on the looser side. Now if you’re a bit curvier like me, then you should try on the ones I have because the pockets hover around the knee so it’s not like they draw attention to the ass or hips. And really, I’ve yet to see a body type that doesn’t look good in them. Jennifer Hudson looks amazing in hers and so does that waif Kate Bosworth. (#whyissherelevantwhenshehasntdonesh-tinyears).

So how to wear them: First, the olive color is flattering and looks great with anything. I like mine with an oversized tee or a blouse slightly tucked in with a tiny roll at the bottom of the leg. You can totally throw on a blazer or a leather jacket. Now on to the right shoes. You can go any way with them. This weekend I rocked them with a pair of wedge ankle boots. They slouched over the top of the boots and I don’t mean to be up my own ass here but I think I looked dang good. You know when you find something that you love so much and you start walking around like you’re in a music video? But if the wedged boot is too progressive then a ballet flat, a brogue or a stacked heel will look great. Anything goes with these pants, even a slutty see-through top. I’m sure those magic words just sealed the deal for Lainey.

The other great thing about the cargo is it’s not just a one season deal. I plan on wearing mine all the way into next summer. Military isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so invest in a good pair.

And if you, like Lainey, want to hit me up with any style questions, send away!

*Sasha is a style/fashion television producer.
File photos from Splashnewsonline.com