I’ve seen Carina Lau in way more over the top dresses. But you can’t do a one-armed cape and get too crazy everywhere else. Carina turns 50 at the end of this year.

50! With a (Molly Shannon) kick! Like I always say, the doctors over in Asia know what they’re doing, man, because she’s not the only one. The Asian stars I used to watch growing up? Who were 40 when I was 10? They still look the same. Like Carina here, who does it without any of Nicole Kidman’s weird freeze.

Let me use Carina though to give you an example of the Chinese extra that was being celebrated at the MET this year. In December, at her 49th birthday party, check out the photo wall:

Bank of Carina fifty pound notes. It’s not subtle. And the meaning is clear: in her 50th year, all she wants is more money, more money, more money.