As you know, Madonna has been under fire for a month. Plagued by reports of a marriage in turmoil, her brother selling her out with a lame ass biography, and allegations of an emotional affair with Alex Rodriguez, she has tried watering down the claims through her long time publicist Liz Rosenberg and dour faced outings with husband Guy Ritchie.

Still…none of it is working.

Next up to bat:

Carlos Leon, father of her daughter Lourdes.

You have admit, Madge did a good job picking Carlos. Carlos got paid, Carlos has remained loyal, Carlos shut his mouth. Until now. Now Carlos is speaking to People Magazine about the recent drama surrounding his ex and also Lola by extension.

The relentless pap presence and the press speculation has apparently been having an adverse effect on our future star:

"She's (Lourdes) aware of it, and that's difficult. I just give her more love. Her mother is there for her, Guy is there for her."

Kinda makes me cry a little. It’s a sweet thing to say. And a smart thing to say. So few words to convey that somehow Madonna has managed to make it work with two men, three children, and one huge spotlight.

Interestingly enough, Carlos is also doing his best to stand up for the legitimacy of the Madonna/Guy marriage, insisting that the two will not be divorcing, explaining that:

"People have marital problems all the time."

Of all her mouthpieces, Carlos I think has been most effective. And he’s a sexy beast.