She’s been invited to attend the city’s annual Opera Ball. Every year, some rich ass dude invites a celebrity to be his date – past dates have included Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra so clearly you can see where his taste runs foul. Shame really. Because Vienna is one of the world’s finest, classiest cities. And so I can imagine why its residents would feel disappointed to have their fair town soiled by silicone and sleaze…and now Hollywood Ebola, otherwise known as Paris Hilton. Still…you have to admire how some of them chose to manifest their disgust. Apparently half way through her greeting she was welcomed with flying debris – cigarettes, tissues, and lipstick were among the innocuous “official” list of items described by Paris’s Viennese host but a lovely reader named Katrina who wrote today to say she was there tells me it was also food, food wrappers, chewing gum, and according to her…even a shoe. Love, love, love. In typical Paris fashion though, she brushed away talk of the incident and focused instead on her “fans”. How much she loves them and how much she “loved” classical music. Like we really believe Paris Hilton can tell Bach from Beethoven. Even more ludicrous were her comments about giving back. She said it was her responsibility as a “celebrity” to bring awareness to those less fortunate and that she plans to visit Africa later on this year. Africa? Paris in Africa? To do what? Strengthen her Ebola? Bitch…PLEASE! May I remind you: Paris Hilton is a racist and a gaycist and a condescending skank and a slut and backstabber and she uses drugs. This is not news. What’s news is that people keep inviting her to pimp their sh-t. These people must be stopped. Source