Here’s what Duana was obsessing over the other day. That after the ceremony last Friday – was it a week ago? It feels like a dream – Carole Middleton exited the Abbey and joined Queen Elizabeth and Camilla as they waited on their carriages and, well, she wasn’t wearing gloves.

Duana played Photo Assumption on Mrs Middleton’s face: that she was silently wishing she had a pair. Of gloves.

This happened over three way email with Laura. So Laura replied:

Think of it as a mark of her common birth. A distinction, between herself and the ladies of ‘quality’.

And my response to that:

Are you calling Camilla a lady of “quality”?

And on…

(What was life like before we spent the entire day emailing our friends with inane observations?)

It’s the details, small details, gloves and hats, tea service, exhales, and sharp looks, these are the things that make royal and aristocratic gossip so much fun. I think the Queen looked pretty cute and animated that day. She seemed rather amused.

Anyway Her Majesty and her gloves visited a school today in Windsor. She watched some kids perform a ballet demonstration and a scene from the summer show. She also dropped in on the IT department. Imagine that kid for the rest of his life can tell the story of how he showed the Queen a video on YouTube. What would happen if he went click happy on the wrong link? They say that the Queen has a signal for when she wants to stop talking to someone. I can’t remember all the little codes that they listed. I’m sure one of you know-it-alls will send me a guidebook in the next 5 minutes. My point though is that while I don’t think there would be specific code signal for “tell them to turn off this dirty video”, there MUST be one for, like, uncomfortable, inappropriate occasions when the Queen has been exposed to something super offside and kinky.

Also – and this is an unrelated thought – what do you think the Queen thinks of those dance leotards?

As for what she thinks of Kate – people keep writing to ask whether or not the Queen hates her. Or wasn’t supportive of the relationship. This came up yesterday during the LiveBlog too. We reported on CTV News from a really really connected source that the Queen was well aware from the very beginning that Will was serious about Kate. She told him that he had to be sure, that he needed to take his time and really figure out without any doubt that Kate was the one. Because the Firm could not afford another fuck up. Word is she said if he came to her with a responsible decision she would be down with whatever he wanted. So he broke up with Kate and then realised he couldn’t stand it after only two months and they got back together and she was on her way after that, and you know the rest.

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