I’m always excited when I see a dress that, if you described it to me – slinky and sequined and one shoulder – I would have put it in the reject pile without seeing it. This is not the dress type I usually gravitate towards. 


This dress is special. And you have to see it. Mostly, I think, it’s the effect of the gold and silver together. And the stripes. There’s an Egyptian inspiration I’m feeling here and I’m obsessed with it. I now want everything in my life in this pattern – bedsheets, napkins, paint, whatever and however they can do it, I’m in. Maybe not every day. But for, like, a week it would make me so happy. 

What a great look for Gemma Arterton. Maybe her best look ever. Good call on keeping the hair simple and not going bold on the makeup too. You don’t need to pump up this dress any more than it already is.