Nina Dobrev is so beautiful. She’s not known, however, to be a fashion girl. Her clothes are nice, they’re never trash, but I wouldn’t say that she’s on the style watch – and I’ve been waiting for her to be. This may be happening. 

Nina was at the Louis Vuitton presentation yesterday in Paris. I wonder if this means she’ll be wearing more LV. I hope so. She looks amazing in this white dress. It’s like a pirates shirt turned into a dress. Or Seinfeld’s puffy shirt turned into a dress – super cute double ruffles on each shoulder that drop down into a full cuff and a simple neckline with that long drawstring off to the side that seems to be the LV signature right now. It’s a cute, flirty look that’s perfect for her …although I wish they’d have given her a more interesting boot. 

Also loving the relatively neutral makeup, the bare lip, nothing fancy going on with the hair. It’s a clean, simple, stripped-down aesthetic with a slight hint of edge. So good.