Carrie Underwood was at the TJ Martell Foundation Gala last night in New York. She’s in town because she’s working on The Sound Of Music, the live television production of The Sound Of Music to air on NBC in December. In which she’s playing Maria von Trapp.

Interestingly enough, Maria von Trapp came up in a conversation I had yesterday with Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding at Indigo. She was asked about Jane Austen and the marriage plot and she ended up comparing Elizabeth Bennet and Bridget to Maria von Trapp, and the way they break down their stuffy, proper men, suggesting that Mark Darcy and the Captain are essentially the same dude. Never thought of it that way before. But she does have a point. That Lizzy, Bridge, and Maria are of the same mold.

Now…do you see Carrie Underwood there?