It’s always all smiles when the night belongs to her. And it did. Carrie Underwood took home two CMT Awards last night with her fiancé Mike Fisher looking on proudly. They’re cute together, non? And a lot of extra play for the cameras too. They reward her and she rewards them back.

But her problems on the red carpet continue. This is a pink Jenny Packham. Am not feeling the business happening around her neck. Much prefer her leather pants onstage. And while I am not a fan of her bitch ass attitude, it is undeniable that Carrie is a solid live performer who continues to improve though I wonder how she manages to keep that massive ring on her finger without flinging it up to the cheap seats because that sh-t has its own solar system. A reader called Amanda wrote to say that she saw Carrie’s show in Vegas at the New Orleans (really? there????) recently and that it’s so distracting, that crazy diamond, especially the way she keeps her fingers permanently crooked so as not to lose it. This, to me, seems a little excessive. What do bridezillas have against taking a ring off for 2 hours?

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