Country Bitch at the casino

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 27, 2010 08:18:50 January 27, 2010 08:18:50

She has an attitude problem, yes. But her dressing problem is even worse. As you know. As you’ve seen. At awards show after awards show. And now at the casino. Now formally engaged, Carrie Underwood accompanied Mike Fisher to the Ottawa Senators annual fundraiser in Gatineau the other night where they were officially photographed together for the first time.

This is what she wore.

I can’t even…

I just…

I mean those buttons gathering in the middle, what is that? Why is it allowed? Who let this happen? I don’t understand how this keeps reoccurring. It can’t be difficult to make her look good. She’s a Country Bitch but she’s also a very attractive one. And yet her inability to put on some decent clothes is approaching epic proportions. The Grammys are coming. I shudder but I almost can’t wait.

See more photos of Country Bitch at the casino here.

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