TIME’s 100 Most Influential gala happened last night in New York. Carrie Underwood was on the list in the “icon” category. She attended with husband Mike Fisher, shutting down tabloid reports that they’re getting a divorce. It was easy for the low grade magazines to make-a-story on Carrie and Mike splitting because they’ve been married for years and still haven’t had a baby.

This is why I hate sh-tty gossip. Because it means I have to defend a country bitch. 

She’s only 31 years old! She might think there’s still a lot to do. Why can’t she do it and put off the baby until she’s done it without inviting suspicion that her marriage is in trouble? It’s so f-cking gross.

Carrie said in an interview last year that she wanted to be in her 30s when she became a mother:

"I don't feel old enough to have kids. I know I am mature. But being responsible for another human?" (Source)

It’s honest. It’s smart. It’s one of few times I’ve agreed with it. F-ck you tabloids. F-ck you.