What the f-ck Madison Square Garden??? 

How dare you put Howard Stern in the front row at the Knicks game and shove Country B Carrie Underwood and her husband back there in the 5th? Did she mind? 


Does it look like she minded? 

Mrs Fisher minded a LOT. She’s Carrie Underwood. Don’t you motherf-ckers know Carrie Underwood??? Poor Mike Fisher probably had to hear about it the entire game. 

Carrie and Mike are in New York as the NHL breaks for All-Star weekend. Given the season he and the Senators have been having, Mike, um, is not invited. Ottawa is so sh-t this year, there’s actually talk that the team is in such trouble, they’re looking to shake it up. And while she may pretend she’s down with Canada, Country Bitch probably isn’t trying to convince him to stay. 

Mike has a partial no-trade clause. He can submit a list of 10 teams he will not play for. Needless to say, Mrs Fisher only has one she’s pushing for. And Nashville can totally afford Mike Fisher. It’s just that they never spend to their cap. Besides, at $4.2 million a year, is he worth it? 

Someone said recently that Fisher’s really a 3rd line centre on any other team, the poor man’s Ryan Kesler if you will. In fairness to him though, he’s played on a really, really terrible team for a long time. There’s some skill and a lot of grit there. He just hasn’t been able to use it in a thriving environment. With Nashville currently 4th in the conference, hoping for some playoff success, it might not be a bad acquisition. 

If you’re a Sens fan then, I wonder if you need to be worrying about this. Because before bedtime, don’t you think Carrie’s whispering these things to him every single night? Baby, I wish you could play for Nashville. Baby, Nashville would take care of you. Baby, we’d be so happy in Nashville. Baby we can raise our kids in Nashville…

And suddenly Mike Fisher plays for Nashville…? 

Photos from Ron Asadorian/Prahl/Splashnewsonline.com