This little girl...well... she makes her tolerable. Beagle puppy! As you know, I have a beagle. My beagle is prick. Like, all beagles are naughty – and this one looks pretty naughty – but my beagle redefines Attitude Problem. While Jacek and I were away recently, Marcus stayed with Fiona. He knows Fiona very well. And Fiona was at her parents. Her parents have dogs too. So the dogs went out separately. Marcus wasn’t invited on one of the outings. He wanted to go.

You know what that little f-cker did?

He waited til they all came home, when they were on the couch watching tv and, facing them, to make sure they could all see him, my asshole dog lifted his leg to piss on their satellite receiver. ON PURPOSE.


This is Carrie Underwood today with a beagle puppy at the 6th Annual Pedigree Adoption Drive at Bideawee Manhattan Shelter. Puppies smell. So good. Also... click here. The most adorable thing you will see all day.

Oh wait...

Maybe not...

Wendy sent this video a while back. Rottweiler vs Beagle Puppy. Dying.

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