I’m no Ottawa Senators fan but Mike Fisher seems like too sweet a kid to be at this twat’s mercy. Poor thing. She will tear that boy a new asshole before golf season begins.

The streaking Sens were in Nashville last night, winning their 5th in a row in a shut-out. Too little too late… but this is not a sports blog.

Anyway, Carrie Underwood showed up to support her boyfriend, the cameras caught her socialising up in one of the boxes. Thanks Kristen!

Check the clip yourself to see her reaction:

Country Bitch… please!

And sit DOWN!

So you have a boyfriend. And you were spotted at the hockey game.


Did this necessitate throwing yourself onto the ground to avoid being seen? YOU WERE ALREADY SEEN!!!! Stay the f-ck home if you can’t handle being on camera. It’s not the games aren’t televised or anything.


Why are people so dumb?

And all of a sudden she’s, like, the Brange right?

File photo from Wenn.com