Don’t you get the impression that Isaiah Michael Fisher is going to be called “Isaiah Michael Fisher” all the time? Like all three names, as an official label, like ‘William of Windsor’?

Carrie Underwood has named her baby Isaiah Michael, and I cannot actually find a problem with it. Mostly because I can see her saying ‘Isaiah’ over and over again, never shortening it to Ike or ‘Sayah’ or whatever. When all’s said and done, she could have done far worse.

It’s trendy, in the sense that biblical is trendy, but it’s not Thomas or Caleb or any of the more easily interpretable Bible names. It stands a bit apart, which is great, in the sense that he can quite easily follow in his mother’s footsteps or his father’s. That’s a know-me name. Isaiah Michael might not be an accountant though.

Having said that, we’re good with the guys named Michael. We don’t need anymore.  I get that his dad was named Michael. But if you go in for that kind of thing, Malachi is crying out for attention.