During an interview yesterday with a radio station, Carrie Underwood decided to piss on Montreal. She and husband Mike Fisher were there recently and “our (rental) car got broken into. We had to...call them and be like, 'We're sorry! The car is broken.” 

So now she associates the city with auto theft. She also declared: 

“I am not going back to Montreal.”

Montreal won’t miss her. It’s a city of culture. 

Jesus, can you imagine travelling with that? Sure, yeah, getting your car jacked totally sucks. But it’s hardly a major, massive inconvenience when both are millionaires with resources in a modern city. And when you’re on vacation, you get over that sh-t. When you’re in Montreal, which is suuuuuch a romantic city, you get over it pretty quickly. You have to. You have to if you want to have a good time. Unless of course you’re a pouty spoiled Country B. Carrie Underwood is exactly the kind of girl who would let a minor setback ruin an entire holiday. 

Being from Toronto, I hate the Ottawa Senators. I do however now feel genuine sympathy for Mike Fisher. He was locked in a car with it. FOR DAYS. 

Have you ever been in a car with a toxic, poisonous person? One of those people who makes no effort NOT to spread her foulness over everyone in the vehicle? I’ve experienced this several times. You feel like opening the door and jumping. It’s the most awful and uncomfortably suffocating experience ever. And this is Mike Fisher’s life. 

Source Us Magazine
File photo from Jason Merritt/Gettyimages.com