So many people getting married. Got married. Am sure you’ve heard: Carrie Underwood to Mike Fisher, Emily Blunt to John Krasinski...

The wedding details should be available on the cover of a magazine some time soon. Can’t wait to see Country Bitch’s gown. Somehow she always tacks it up. Here they are, “Mike & Carrie Fisher” (this is how they officially signed their marriage announcement), en route to their honeymoon yesterday after a post-wedding brunch. As of press time, there are no photos yet of Emily and John, who had their wedding in Italy.

The point however is that all of them, they actually did it.

Does it feel like the weddings almost never happen in Hollywood these days? They meet, they fall in love, they skip dating and go right to the engagement, and that often goes on, and on, and on, and ends. This weekend then, it’s rather refreshing. That they all made it happen. Wanted to make it happen.

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