Maybe not quite 10 times. But a LOT of times. And every time it sucked. Every dress sucked.

One shoulder, pale pink, and shapeless on the carpet, cheap girl at the mall in white on stage and backstage, Miss America wine coloured and barefoot during her performance…

It’s astonishing how badly she dresses. It’s astonishing that no one wants to talk about it because she’s blonde and believes in God. Carrie Underwood grates on my last nerve but she can do better than this. She can do a lot better.

Carrie took the top prize last night at the ACM Awards and…

Bad news for you Ottawa: She intends to stay.

The normally “ultra-private” Carrie shouted out Mike Fisher’s name during her acceptance speech:

"Mike, baby, I wish you were here!"


If he’d been there, would she have walked the carpet with him? Or would she have made him duck?

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