Carrie Idol’s snippy bitch came loose yesterday during Idol Gives Back when she was asked about Chace Crawford. She snapped that they actually broke up over text message and while she insists it was a mutual decision, given her choice of words, clearly the girl is bitter.

"It was completely mutual. We broke up over text so ... it"s like "peace out." It just didn"t work. We both knew it didn"t work and [had] no hard feelings at all whatsoever. I don"t dislike him, so it"s no big deal."

I don’t dislike him?

Very, very telling. Sounds like someone was dumped electronically. And even though no one would take that well under any circumstances, this cow is so high on herself the sting is probably too much to bear.

If I were her, I’d focus more on my wardrobe.

Seriously. What is this dress all about? Why is it made of chintz? Why is it peach and pink? You know what’s even funnier? What’s even funnier is that she totally thinks she’s the hot stylish sh*t. Carrie Underwood thinks she’s owning it. That she’s some kind of red carpet superstar. That all of a sudden she’s like Cate Blanchett or something.

Sit DOWN Carrie Underwood.

At best it’s a town beauty pageant. At worst it’s the prom.

Thank Xenu Chace broke away.