If you live with your boyfriend.

There was a story in a tabloid recently about Carrie Underwood moving in with Mike Fisher. Apparently she finds this offensive. Like Miss Religious and Demure would ever, ever do such a thing. So she decided to debunk the rumour online with a statement:

"I read something recently that a certain someone and I were moving in together. This is beyond not true...just another example of people making stuff up out of thin air!"

Douche. Are we still 10? Doesn’t he have a proper name??? The denial wasn’t enough though. Country Bitch had to take it a step further referring to cohabitation like it was the most unsavoury, the most sinful, the most low classy sh-t ever:

"Neither one of us would ever do that. I would never live with my boyfriend...not my style."

Can you hear the sneer? The sanctimony? Said in the same tone as wearing fur or backstabbing a girlfriend, Carrie Underwood is better than you. The Lord loves her more than he loves you too.

This is a good time to bring up this video, isn’t it?

Remember when Country Bitch ducked like an asshole at the hockey game? F-cking dumbass.

Photo from Wenn.com