Yesterday in Ottawa. Am told exclusively that Carrie Underwood accompanied her boyfriend Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario for a special visit, very uncover, very sweet.

Mike loves the Lord, is actively involved in the community, and unlike many of his skeezy teammates with crabs, yeah crabs, is not a fixture on the club crawl. Perhaps his niceness then is having an effect on that Country Bitch, although it’ll take a while still before she can live down this:


According to People Carrie has been in Ottawa for a few days now, seen shopping with Mike on Friday, helping my Leafs to a victory over the Senators on Saturday night, and then together with his family for dinner after the game.

So far there have been no reports of her cutting her eye at anyone or barking at the underlings. So far. It’s the Maple Leaf makeover, perhaps. We Canadians, me not included, we really are super super nice.

File photo from Apega/