Carrie Underwood lost to Taylor Swift at the Country Music Awards a couple of weeks ago. Click here for a refresher on her low classy reaction. Last night at the American Music Awards, Taylor trumped Country B’s ass once again. But she was getting owned from everywhere. And GaGa delivered a little f-ck you in her face too.

Carrie had the misfortune of performing right before Lady Gaga. She knew she’d be getting upstaged. The look on her face said it all. Fast forward to 3:40 if you can’t handle her entire performance. It’s a good thing Mike Fisher had the night off. He was on standby to receive her whips.

Don’t ask me what she was wearing. Why she dresses the way she does is beyond logic. What’s most alarming is that she doesn’t dress to shock or provoke like Gaga or Rihanna. It’s not about art, it’s not about performance. No, Country B puts on her clothes because she thinks they look good. Giant shudder.

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