Elizabeth Banks in Beverly Hills yesterday -- with brown hair now. Is this new? Must be, right? Last time I checked her at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, she was blonde. And best dressed

Still blonde and very, very yellow -- Carrie Underwood in Ireland. I have never been blonde, and don’t intend to be but is…this is a desired shade? Yellow? Straw? Is this something you ask for? Sasha calls it Ebola “Paris Hilton” yellow. People WANT Ebola Paris Hilton yellow?

I mean, it can’t have been a mistake, right? She’s fully made up, Carrie here, photo-opping with fans, and besides, she’s not the only one. So, you know, someone out there must prefer the Ebola Paris Hilton yellow. Or most out there prefer the Ebola Paris Hilton yellow?

Tell me.