Of course People Magazine has the all “exclusive” Carrie Underwood wedding photos. You get what you pay for. So all that bullsh-t drama leading up to the event, as Country Bitch tried to block public access, and was going full military on the secrecy of the mission and the location and not letting guests know where and when and whatever – all for privacy? Really? Not privacy, no. It was to protect their sale. People helped pay for the wedding. They couldn’t risk a spoiler.

But all that only to be trumped by none other than Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston – love this SO MUCH. You’ll note that People makes an “exclusive” mention of the two getting back together as an inset item on the cover. Is it possible then that they were offered the Palin/Johnston story first? And were they cockblocked on this by a commitment to Country Bitch’s wedding? Did Country Bitch cause them to lose out on the bombshell in the end?

You’ll note that Us Weekly went f-cking old school on this scoop. The entire cover, no other captions, no other features, nothing other than Bristol and Levi – THAT’s how explosive they think this is. And indeed, judging by the reaction, it’s certainly making more headlines than a wedding we already know about. Especially since Bristol says her mom is supposedly unaware.

So Sarah Palin woke up this morning to find out that her daughter got back together with her baby father behind her back AND has agreed to marry him...

Details? Oh yeah, there are details. There’s a corny ass rose petal proposal that you’ll enjoy, and they do address the sex issue. Are they? She says no. Please. Last we checked they couldn’t stand each other. Now they’re back in love and want to make it for reals. At the age of 20. Why can’t it be today every day?

It’s a delicious article. Way more interesting than how many berries were on top of Carrie Underwood’s wedding cake. The new Us Weekly is on stands now.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin has issued a statement about Bristol’s news.

“Bristol at 19 is now a young adult. We obviously want what's best for our children. Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives."


Sarah Palin’s running for president?

Imagine that. A Presidential Campaign strategised through a tabloid. This is what we are.