Amazingly enough, I didn’t hate Country Bitch’s tricked out white dress she wore for the carpet. Comparatively, that is. From her, we’ve seen a lot worse. And it was better than the dark brown green, again bedazzled, situation she put on to perform with Tony Bennett. That...was not my favourite mash-up. In fact, it was almost a sound abomination for me. But not as much as whatever it was that was happening with her eyes. I mean, there’s costume makeup and then there’s makeup that’s meant to simply enhance. It’s not so offensive in these photos than it was during the show, when she was onstage. There’s something terribly distracting about disco dust and feathers on top of an eyelid. It amazes me why a girl so pretty feels she needs so much to complement what’s already there. To say nothing of her ongoing hair problem.


She is only 28!