I counted 8 different outfits last night on Country B. And all of them were ass. Some of them were straight up appalling. Like the one with the cherries attached to the tutu. And the short dark metallic mini that’s so cheap you can see the hem stitches from this far away. And the glass of orange juice that puked all over a toga. Awful. All of it awful. 

How can you be this attractive and this famous and this successful and go 0 for 8 hosting your music’s biggest night? This girl is unsalvageable. 

And she apparently also didn’t bother to come out to spend time with the fans. Robin in Nashville wrote to me about this last night: 

“I live in Nashville and the local ABC station is covering the event in depth. Fans were HIGHLY displeased with Carrie. One person even went as far to say that "she got here because of fans through American Idol, she should be the first one out here." 


From the girl who told Gwyneth Paltrow that: “It takes a lot to come to our town and sing on our stage”

Really? Her? 

You know, Katherine Heigl was there last night too. I would like to see those two go bitch for bitch culminating with Heigl lighting up a cigarette and blowing it in Carrie’s face. I have the best day dreams. 

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