Carrie’s stage personality

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 4, 2016 17:48:57 April 4, 2016 17:48:57

Carrie Underwood’s clothing choices last night at the ACMs weren’t the worst we’ve ever seen from her. And that’s not what stood out to me. Did you watch her performance? If you did, you know what I mean. If you didn’t, I hope you can find it somewhere because she killed it. So good. At one point she played the drums then tossed away her drumsticks and then transitioned smoothly, with attitude, back to the microphone and I was like, goddamn her stage personality is electrifying. Consistently electrifying. I rarely know what she’s singing. I’m not familiar with her music at all beyond the big, big hits. But it almost doesn’t matter because she’s so entertaining, she has such presence when she’s up there, which… well…

It’s not exactly the presence she has off-stage. Off-stage it’s… well… dead eyes. There’s no life in them. Cold, standoffish, perfunctory, and hard to imagine it’s the same person. Maybe the way she is off-stage is how she summons her energy on-stage. Maybe she’s saving it all up for the song. Because whatever it is, it’s two completely different people.

Ethan Miller/ Larry Busacca/ ACM2016/ JB Lacroix/ C Flanigan/ Getty Images

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