Oh hi, good morning. New York Times profile on Cary Fukunaga, are you still with me or have you just lost yourself in this photo?

Cary continues to promote Beasts Of No Nation. The film has been strongly reviewed. Netflix is launching an Oscar campaign behind it. It’s currently available on Netflix and opened in selected theatres but made no money, something he always expected. As Sarah wrote in her review – click here to read it - it’s an “incredibly hard film to watch”. I like that he doesn’t get preachy about it though, because as he tells the NYT, he wasn’t trying to press an issue. For him, filmmaking is storytelling.

Which is why, if it’s a good story, he’s not precious about the “genre”. Even a rom-com? Even a rom-com.

“I’d love to do a rom-com, for the record. I don’t think I can tell you one thing I’d completely write off, not even porn, if there was an angle. If the thing interests me and the process sounds fun, I want to do it.”

Um, I want him to do it too. And I want him to cast Charlie Hunnam. And they don’t even have to release the actual movie, they just have to release the MAKING of the movie and that would be enough for me.

Once you’re done enjoying the photo, click here to read the full piece. He also discusses True Detective, and shrugs when asked about where or not Nic Pizzolatto shaded him in season 2, and admits that he’s the one who makes shoots even more challenging because he always seems to find the most perfect locations that are a bitch to navigate.